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Maria Overview

Do you want to read your favorite websites offline?

If you're planning a long trip and still want to have access to your favorite sites, Maria allows you to download entire websites or single pages for later browsing without having access to the Internet.

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Maria v1.3 - released on 17/07/2011

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More About Maria

Maria is a small and simple, pure Cocoa application based on GNU wget command. It allows to download entire websites for offline browsing.

Application can be used to download entire websites or single pages or individual files. It is possible to download only selected types of files, e.g. only graphics or music files. Maria allows to download links from given text file.

Program supports the following protocols: http, https and ftp. You can download files from servers which require user authentication.

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System Requirements

Intel based Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.5 or later. Maria was designed for Snow Leopard and runs as 64-bit application.

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Here are some screenshots from Maria application.

Main window:
Main window
Preferences window (General tab):
Preferences window
Preferences window (Advanced tab):
Preferences window
Preferences window (Proxy tab):
Preferences window

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Freeware. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.

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Would you like to localize Maria in your language? Just drop me a line at Thanks!


Italian version was prepared by Gabriele Callari. Thanks!


Portuguese version was prepared by Arthur Duarte Do Rosário. Thanks!

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Full Release Notes for Maria

Below you can find full change log for Maria application since version 1.0.

Maria v1.3 (released on 17/07/2011)

Maria v1.2.1 (released on 29/12/2010)

Maria v1.2 (released on 29/12/2010)

Maria v1.1.3 (released on 12/07/2010)

Maria v1.1.2 (released on 06/07/2010)

Maria v1.1.1 (released on 01/07/2010)

Maria v1.1 (released on 27/06/2010)

Maria v1.0.3 (released on 22/06/2010)

Maria v1.0.2 (released on 14/06/2010)

Maria v1.0.1 (released on 13/06/2010)

Maria v1.0 (released on 03/06/2010)

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On the Web

About Maria on the Web:

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